5 Reasons Why Adopting Pets Is Better

5 Reasons Why Adopting Pets Is Better
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My wife and I got our first dog, Riley, in August of 2018 coming from a breeder. She is a full-blooded golden retriever and it is the very best dog on the globe. Now, this was before we knew the struggles of overpopulation in dog shelters around the country. After having Riley for a while, my wife and I became fans of Animal Planet and, after watching various shows about dogs, we thought we would adopt our second dog, Olive, a combination breed of lab and cocker spaniel. After seeing the love that Olive gives our way of life, we have decided to adopt from now on for many reasons.

1.Over population

I bet if you were to go to your local pet shelter, you would see that almost all of their kennels are stuffed with animals prepared to be adopted. You might even observe that some dogs have been there for months or even years.

2.Save lives

There are way too many dogs that might be put down because they have been in the shelter too long or the shelter won’t have the bedroom or resources.

3.Save money

By adopting, you will lay aside plenty of money. It is so less costly to consider than buy a pet. All the dogs will be spayed or neutered and vaccinated and there’s just a small adoption fee, usually between $50-100.

4.You get a healthy dog

There is the misconception that all dogs who are at shelters or humane societies are sick or are already abused for some reason. That is not the situation whatsoever. Most shelters care for each of the vaccinations and then any hospital treatment before they’re up for adoption. They often perform temperament tests to ascertain if your pet is acceptable before putting up for adoption.

5.You get exactly the same love

I do not care in case you have your dog that is certainly from a champion line or possibly a mixed breed through the shelter. All dogs will offer the same wish to their owners, assuming the property owner manages them. No dog on the market cuddles greater than my Olive. Now there is nothing wrong with getting your dog coming from a breeder if that is that which you want to do. Those dogs need an excellent home too. The difference is that breeders tend not to have trouble with a quick way to obtain potential owners that shelters and humane societies do. And if you are trying to find a full-blooded breed, check out animal rescues first.

Remember, Do Doggies Good. And educate friends about us.