Do All Dog Breeds Need the Same Amount of Exercise?

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All breeds of dogs do need some exercise to be healthy. Without physical exercise canines cannot have strong bones and muscles. They would not have as much energy either. But do all breeds require the same amount of exercise each day? The answer is simply no.

There are some breeds that only need a moderate amount of physical activity to be healthy and happy. Others need quite a bit of activity though. So choose a breed based on your lifestyle.

If you come a go a lot to where a dog would have to be cooped up in the house for long periods of time, do not get a highly active breed. Same goes for if you live in apartments where the dog would have limited space to roam. The active breeds do better when they can have a good outdoor space to run in and that their owners are home enough to allow it.

Now there are other breeds that only need moderate exercise or room to run. These are ideal for the households where the dog is left alone in a house for periods of time or have a limited area to roam in. How do you know which breeds are what though? Let’s look into this question to see the answer.

Dog Breeds that Need Moderate Exercise

The list below shows some breeds and their characteristics that only have a moderate need for exercise:

Bichon Frise – This breed likes to be walked once a day and some play. It is not hard to give this breed its needed exercise.

Chihuahua – Even these dogs are small enough to be carried easily they still need a walk every day. Playing is fine too, to provide their exercise.

Pug – This loves to go on a walk but loves to try to lead the way. The owner should make the dog walk even with him instead of ahead of him.

The list below is a sample of the breeds that need a lot of exercise to be happy and healthy.

Border Collie – This is a working breed of dog. It is used to moving about all day long while herding sheep. It is full of energy and can sometimes run 50 miles in a day. So this breed requires a lot of exercise.

Golden Retriever – This breed is a lovable breed, but also a working dog. It is used for retrieving game, drug dogs and assistance dogs. These dogs do well at the agility courses also. They need a high amount of activity each day.

Jack Russell Terrier – This breed is one of the most active breeds there are. It needs plenty of vigorous activity a day. It is definitely not a breed for an apartment. This dog does well when it has wide open spaces to run in, of course, this area should be fenced in.

These are just some examples of dogs and the amount of exercise they need. You can see why it is important to research into a breed before purchasing. Enjoy your dog though and get some physical activity with them.