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How to Ensure that Your Horse Leads a Happy, Healthy Life

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A horse is no small investment. In addition to costing tens of thousands of dollars, these animals can be expected to live for several decades. Furthermore, horses require considerably more care and maintenance than most farm animals and house pets. As such, if you decide to invest in a horse, it behooves you to ensure that the animal leads a happy and healthy life. In the interest of providing your horse with long-term contentment and stability, put the following pointers to good use.

Daily Brushing

To avoid fleas and matted hair, it’s recommended that you thoroughly brush your horse every day. In addition to curbing the aforementioned threats, daily brushing is conducive to the even distribution of sebum, which will keep the animal’s mane nice and shiny. You’ll also need to clean your horse’s brushes on a regular basis, as this helps prevent fungal infections. Additionally, if you own multiple horses, make sure each horse has its own brush, since brush sharing is among the leading causes of infection.

Regular Checkups

A horse should receive several in-depth veterinary checkups each year. An experienced vet will thoroughly examine the animal’s vital signs, teeth, hoofs and coat, all the while keeping an eye out for signs of underlying health issues. In light of how expensive these checkups can be, cost-conscious horse owners are urged to look into horse insurance. Not only will it come in handy for routine checkups, it will also prove invaluable in the event of an unexpected injury or health problem.

Frequent Feeding

Since horses are natural grazers, owners are advised to provide them with a steady stream of food throughout the day – as opposed to one enormous meal. Not having anything to graze on is conducive to boredom and general lethargy in horses, so take care to serve your horse hay in between servings of grain. This will prevent the animal from wolfing down its grain, encouraging slow eating and healthy digestion.

To describe horses as “high maintenance” would be an understatement. As any seasoned rancher or equestrian can confirm, these animals require a level of care that many people are unable to provide. For this reason, it’s imperative that prospective horse owners realize what they’re getting into before making the investment. To ensure that your horse leads the happiest life possible, remember to brush the animal daily, arrange regular veterinary checkups and engage in the proper feeding practices.