Six Must-Have Items in Your Horse’s Tack Box

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Whether you own a horse or take care of someone else’s, you know there are certain things that are essential for a tack box. Reaching into your tack box and having all of your supplies at your fingertips makes it easier to care for your horse or horses. Look at six items that you should have in your tack box in order to take proper care of your horse.

A Durable Curry Comb

If you live on a farm or you allow your horse to graze in the fields near a stable, you know how easy it is for your horse’s coat to pick up mud and dirt. Sometimes mud splashes onto a horse’s coat and dries leaving behind a crusty mess! This is where a durable curry comb comes in handy. By making circular motions over your horse’s coat with your curry comb you can loosen and remove dried mud, dirt and dead hair. After a thorough brush with the curry comb, you can move on to using a soft brush on your horse’s coat. This brush serves to smooth down the hair making your horse’s coat look shiny and healthy.

A Fly Mask

This is an essential item especially in the dog days of summer. A fly mask keeps flies and other buzzing insects away from your horse’s eyes and nose. This can help to ward off infection caused by the bacteria carried by some of these flying insects. You may even want a backup fly mask if your horse’s first one gets damaged out in the field.

Two Hoof Picks

If you have two hoof picks in your tack box, you know you have a backup if your favorite one breaks or becomes damaged. A hoof pick is essential for removing small pebbles, clumps of mud, dirt and other debris from your horse’s hooves. Two hoof picks in your tack box means you can get your horse’s hooves done just in time for a pleasant trail ride.

A Horse Blanket

A horse blanket is essential for many reasons. For one, you can put a blanket on your horse if it’s cold in the stable during the winter. Also, if your horse gets a chill after a workout in the cool weather, a blanket can help to soothe it. If you show your horse, why not get a blanket with its name embroidered on it? A horse blanket is a practical item, but it can also be a decorative one. A neatly folded horse blanket in your tack box is something you’ll use on a regular basis.

A Container for Supplements

Maybe you put extra vitamins in with your horse’s food to help its coat and mane look healthier. Or, perhaps you add some supplements to its diet to help with digestion or a skin condition. After you buy horse products online, it’s best to keep them in a sealed container so they won’t tip over and spill out inside your tack box. Plus, keeping them in a container makes it easy to access supplements any time you need them.

An Extra Water Bucket

Storing an extra water bucket in your tack box means you have a backup if your current water bucket splits or breaks. In the wintertime, water can freeze inside a water bucket causing it to split open with the pressure. If this happens, you have an extra one to give your horse right away to keep it supplied with water at all times.

Lastly, think about what you use each day to care for your horse. Make your own list of what you need for your horse and you will never be without the supplies you need to have a fun time with your equine.