For decades now, people have been talking about and benefiting from the healing power they believe comes from crystals. For many, crystals provide relief from things like anxiety, stress, cold and flu, along with general lethargy.

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The first thing to understand when looking at healing crystals is that they are very different from the fashionable piece of jewelry you find on the Groupon Coupons page for Kay Jewelers.

Crystals used for healing are implemented into jewelry with the importance of the stone touching your skin. This means lots of open necklaces where the power of the crystal can touch your chest.

The idea behind this requirement is that it forms a connection with the earth and the power it provides. As these crystals and stones are taken from the earth, it is believed they maintain a connection to it.

It is further believed that each crystals connection is tuned towards a specific power.

As an example, Quartz Crystal is widely known for its ability to help you clear your mind and readjust your thoughts. This crystal is often used as a stress relief tool to stay focused on a hectic period.

Carnelian, on the other hand, is believed to enhance your inner creativity and facilitate the flow of your creative energies. This crystal is often used by students during exam times or writers who are struggling for ideas.

Bloodstone as another example is focused on energy. For those feeling lethargic after coming from a sickness or adjusting to climate change are believed to benefit from wearing bloodstone crystal jewelry.

How well crystals actually work, however, is something which is constantly being discussed. Users of crystals believe strongly that the connection which these crystals hold can be channeled into their body …