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Is it Expensive to Own a Pet?

Is it Expensive to Own a Pet?
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If you are an animal lover and love to keep a pet, finances might be part of your major challenges. You want to be sure that after getting the pet, you don’t starve them or cannot care for them properly. This is considering that most animals could become aggressive and even harm their owners if they are exposed to hunger. Others could get malnourished, get ill and probably die. It would be best not to own a pet than to allow your pet to pass through inhumane conditions because you can care for them.

To the question of if owning a pet is expensive, the straight answer is Yes, even though some are more expensive to keep than others. Furthermore, the idea of what is expensive when it comes to pet care could differ from person to person. While a wealthy individual might be willing to spend as much as 10,000 USD monthly on a pet, a mid-level income earner might not earn as much as that, let alone having up to 10 percent of that amount to spend on a pet. Hence, the issue of how expensive it is to care for a pet is relative.

Why is it expensive to own a pet?

It is expensive to own a pet because pets have several needs. They are living things and very much like humans when it comes to their needs. Just like humans need food, clothing, bedding, treatment, and many other things; pets also require similar treatments. While a pet might not need clothing or education, they would need bedding and you might have to pay for them to be trained.

Some brands of meal for your pet can be very expensive and they would need to be fed regularly. Pets can also fall ill and would require treatment. When this is the case, you would take them to a veterinary doctor who would treat them at a price. Some of these prices, especially when surgery is involved, could go well above 1,000 USD. You can take off the burden of paying veterinary bills for your dog by getting an insurance cover. However, the insurance cover will also require you to pay premiums regularly. You can read exotic pet insurance online reviews on US-Reviews if you own an exotic pet to know which companies you can get an insurance policy from.

What pets are cheaper to maintain

The fact that some pets are less expensive to maintain than some pets means you could still get a pet even if you are a mid or low-income earner. You only have to opt for very cheap pets instead. Some of the cheapest pets to own include ants, guinea pigs, leopard gecko, budgerigar, goldfish, and a hermit crab. If you would prefer to own a dog, the most budget-friendly dogs include Bichon Frise, Dachshund, Chihuahua, Beagle, Collie, Weimaraner, Bull Terriers, and Greyhound.

You might want to carry out more research on how much you should budget to care for these types of pets monthly. You can then compare it to see if it falls within your budget to care for an animal is. You can then choose your most preferred option from the list of animals whose maintenance falls within your budget. This should, of course, be after you have considered other options like how aggressive the pets are, what nasty behaviors they have, and how much care and attention they need. Once you can cope with all the other conditions and their expected maintenance expenses fall within your budget, then you can go ahead to get the pet.