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The Importance Of Family Cooperation During Potty Training

The Importance Of Family Cooperation During Potty Training
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The Importance Of Family Cooperation During Potty Training

A few months ago I was visiting my sister and her husband. They had just recently gotten a female puppy and were so happy to have her (except for the potty training)! My sister had researched he process and purchased a dog crate and dog bed along with other dog accessories for their new puppy. She followed the instructions for potty training for several weeks and their puppy just was not potty training as she should. She would take the puppy out to potty, give her a treat, play with her a while, and put her back in her crate. The puppy would whine a little while and settle down. Her husband felt sorry for the puppy when she whined and wanted out of her dog crate. So when my sister left the house or went on an errand he would let their puppy out of the dog crate to run free in their home and was not telling her. BAD THING TO DO!! Now they are both at their wits end and losing their patience with the whole potty training process.

1. First of all, we humans need to become more familiar with the instinct and natural habits of any animal we choose as a pet. If a dog is your choice of pet educate yourself and your whole family. After a period of adjustment, your puppy will look at his or her dog crate or dog kennel as a cave or den (that is the place where they would be sleeping and living if they were still living in the wild). The dog crate or dog kennel needs only to be large enough for your pet to turn around in; also put a dog bed inside for the comfort of your dog. Dogs want this space to be clean and usually will not potty in their living space. This is where they will feel safe and secure in their surroundings for nap time and bedtime.

2. Give your puppy time to adjust to their new surroundings. Put yourself in their place for a moment. You are suddenly brought into new surroundings, with new people you do not know. These people look like giants to you, you are not sure if they can be trusted. They are walking all around you (small as you are) going about their business, almost stepping on you at times and you are not quiet sure how to get out of the way! Wouldn’t you want a place you could retreat to where you could feel safe and secure until you were more familiar with your surroundings? The dog crate or kennel will serve as their refuge from our world.

3. Puppies, like our own precious little babies, need to potty more frequently when they are small. I was amazed at how often my own cuddly little puppy needed to potty! Take them out every hour or two at first or they will start sniffing around, circling, looking for a place to potty. Be watchful, accidents can happen. If we are not giving the correct amount of attention to them at this time, the accident will be our fault. As they mature and are correctly trained this changes, just like it does with our own little babies as they grow and mature. A regular potty schedule, with praise and a small treat every time they potty in the correct place, they will soon get the idea. Puppies are fast to learn. Potty training by using your dog crate or dog kennel teaches your dog that your house is only a living area (just like their den) and the yard (or spot of your choice) is the correct potty area

4. The secrets are: Education of ALL FAMILY MEMBERS, time, patience, supervision and consistency. Use these and your family, with your dog will have a wonderful, fulfilling life together.